We’ve Moved!

If you have seen our announcement in your local Acorn newspaper, you probably already know… but if you haven’t, we’ve moved our dental practice to Westlake Village.  We are located on Agoura Road, between La Venta Drive and Lakeview Canyon Road in the two-story Westlake Medical Center.

Despite Dr. Ben and Dr. Kathleen moving their dental practice from Agoura Hills to Westlake Village, not much else has changed.  We still provide the same high quality treatment that you have become accustomed to, using the latest equipment and technology.  We accept the same insurance plans that we did in our Agoura Hills office.  The only thing that has changed is your view from one of our dental chairs.

We’ve been at our new location for two weeks now, and the overwhelming support from our patients, as well as local dental specialists, has been very much appreciated.  We invite all of you to come by and take a look sometime.  We are planning an Open House later this month, so stay tuned…




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  1. lori geyer says:

    I am so glad I found you nearby. The old office in Agoura hills is not the same without you. The quality, care and experience is lacking. good luck to you both. I will come by very soon. Best wishes.

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